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Mick Barr

30 Sep 2011


Marfa, Texas


Mick Barr

Ballroom hosted a performance from Mick Barr, composer and avant-garde metal guitarist, at the opening reception of AutoBody.

Noted for his relentless speed and agility on guitar, he is one-half of the band Orthrelm, often plays with Crom-Tech, and as a duo with famed drummer Zach Hill from Hella. He has also released albums under the names Ocrilim and Octis, which consists of his guitar over a drum machine.

About his music, Barr says: “Recently I’ve been trying to write using more intuition and less thought. To let the music be what it will be, rather than what I want it to be. In the past I was interested in creating a cold, inhuman form of music. Stringing non-repeating riffs together, sometimes following a pre-meditated structure, sometimes totally at random. There was also a period where I was interested in total immersion in repetition. As well as a time where I mainly focused on harmony and counterpoint.”