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MXTX — A Cross-Border Exchange

Sept 2022

Music Commission

MXTX is a collaborative project, envisioned by composer Graham Reynolds, featuring forty DJ-producers and composers from both sides of the Rio Grande. The project will culminate in an open-source audio sample library, album, and live performance, evolving into an open concept designed for sustained resonance and ongoing cross-border dialogue.

MXTX begins with the creation of a sample library commissioned from twenty composers and twenty DJ-producers based in Mexico and Texas. These forty artists will create a palette of sound designed to represent each of their perspectives. The DJ-producers will provide beats, drops, and more, while the composers will create melodic, rhythmic, and chordal fragments to be recorded as segments and loops. All of these sounds will form the initial foundation of the MXTX library. A core group of six composers and six DJ-producers, commissioned with balanced geographical representation, will use this library to create twelve pieces of music. Created for a mixed chamber ensemble and a DJ, the twelve works will be presented live, with premieres in Marfa, Mexico City, and Austin.

The project is co-curated by Orión García, Coka Treviño, and Felipe Pérez Santiago, and seeks to balance representation across many categories of identity, including geography, gender identity, and genre. MXTX is co-commissioned by Ballroom Marfa and Golden Hornet.

More Joy by Bostich

“More Joy” from Ramón Amezcua “Bostich” is a special bonus track, commissioned by Ballroom Marfa, from the long-term project MXTX: A Cross-Border Exchange. The full album will be released this Spring — more news coming next week!


Transmissions Interview

Graham Reynolds talks with Diana Nyugen about his longstanding relationship with Ballroom Marfa and West Texas through The Marfa Triptych – Three Portraits of West Texas, and his latest project, MXTX.