Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Isto Cash & Laxmi Luthra at Michael Strogoff

28 Jun 2013

Itso Cash & Laxmi Luthra
Notes on the Desert
Sunday, June 30 @ 7:00PM

‘The desert is spread everywhere but can always reach new depths.’

Michael Strogoff invites you for a pair of talks by Laxmi Luthra and Isto Cash.

Luthra will bring three seemingly disparate videos into relation through a close analysis of what speaks through them and what we can hear about contemporary existence by listening: a DLP Cinema-Texas Instruments trailer, a french pantyhose advertisement shown in movie theaters in the early-1970s, and a promotional video highlighting advances in the military-industrial mimicry of four-legged animal mechanics for robotic warfare.

Cash will present a snapshot of recent uses of the theory of abstraction in artistic discourse, including discussion of gallery and museum installations by Allan Sekula and Reena Spaulings, and will explore why this theory, innovative in the mid-19th century, might be having an afterlife in the early 21st.

Abstraction, mediation, and a good time will be had by all.

Micheal Strogoff
124 E. El Paso St
Marfa, TX