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Blues Control at Lost Horse

8 Feb 2013

As Blues Control, Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho create a righteous blend of space rock, spiritual jazz and New Age music that sounds like little else. The Coopersburg, PA-based duo has been making albums since 2007 for top shelf labels like Siltbreeze, Not Not Fun, Woodsist and Holy Mountain. In 2011 they issued an absolute classic of contemporary cosmic music in collaboration with zither guru Laraaji, best known for his Brian Eno-produced album from 1980, Ambient 3: Day of Radiance. Artist Kathy Rose directed their latest video (see above) for “Opium Den/Fade to Blue.” [Video via artinfo]

They’re on tour now in support of the excellent Valley Tangents album on Drag City, and they’ll be delivering their astral guitar/electronics/keyboard jams for FREE at the Lost Horse this Monday (11 February 2013).

Check out a live performance of “Iron Pigs” on Drag City Limits after the jump …