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New Work By Sam Falls In Brooklyn

16 Jul 2014

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New work by artist Sam Falls (who will be having a solo show at Ballroom in 2015) will soon be on view at the MetroTech Commons in downtown Brooklyn presented by the Public Art Fund. The exhibition, Sam Falls: Light Over Time will open on July 29th and will be up until May 29th, 2015.

From the press release:

Sam Falls: Light Over Time is a major installation for MetroTech Commons featuring five new artworks that encourage visitor participation as they explore the effects of the natural environment and time. Several of the pieces on view—like a seesaw, wind chimes, and a bench—will seem familiar to any park visitor, however, Falls has transformed the function and form of these traditional objects. His experiential works invite visitors to see the sculptures both as works of art and usable objects, inspiring a sense of curiosity, discovery, and exploration.

For more info go to the Public Art Fund‘s website.

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