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Real Slow Jams Extravaganza

14 Feb 2013


The feast of Saint Valentine is upon us, and while there’s plenty of classic rusticated music on the way — the Hogwallops in Valentine today, Gary P. Nunn and Primo Carrasco tomorrow — we can’t live by country and western alone. With that in mind, here’s Hudson Mohawke‘s annual Valentine’s mix, bridging the gap between astral electronics, trap music sound effects and “straight-to-the-room“-style R&B in the manner that one might expect from a dude co-signed to Warp and G.O.O.D. Music. [via self-titled]

If you’re more of an “all-day lover” type, tune your internet over to Rdio where Questlove is in the process of compiling “Pro Creation Nation,” a 24-hour playlist suitable to, in his words, “play in the background while you procreate. Or sleep. Or spoon or whatever.” There’s lots of Prince in there. [via AV Club]

And finally, to make your Valentine’s Day a full-spectrum multimedia experience we recommend picking up the latest edition of Real News. The February issue just hit the newsstand at the Marfa Book Company, and it’s basically the small town ‘zine equivalent of a slow jams playlist.

Now as part owner of the Charlotte Hornets, the six time NBA champion has entered the stratosphere

When the big supertanker that is systemic education finally gets fully on board, and has seen enough examples of good educational video games to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff (currently it’s mostly the latter that is out there), then I think that video games will play a significant role in mathematics education.

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“Students will do everything to choose another career.
Il y a quelques semaines, ils se gavaient de Kinder devant les sketchs de Gad Elmaleh.
After long legal fights, the bank was allowed to deliver 200,000 documents, but denied permission to turn over many more.