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“Be like a river and accept everything:” Gary Panter’s Drawing Tips from Unbored

25 Sep 2013


New York’s Devin Gary & Ross, the visually inclined trio of cartoon animator Devin Flynn, photographer and sign painter Ross Goldstein, and illustrator, designer, and all-around Renaissance weirdo Gary Panter, will perform at the opening of Comic Future, September 27, 2013, at Ballroom Marfa. They will be joined by special guest Kramer, musician, composer, record producer and founder of the New York City record label Shimmy-Disc.

As part of their visit to Far West Texas, both Devin and Gary are stopping by Marfa ISD this Friday to talk about their artistic practices. If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the classroom, we’d like to point you to “Gary Panter’s Drawing Tips” from Unbored. Our favorite …

4. Most people (even your favorite artists) don’t like their drawings as much as they want to. Why? Because it is easy to imagine something better. This is only ambition, which is not a bad thing — but if you can accept what you are doing, of course you will progress quicker to a more satisfying level and also accidentally make perfectly charming drawings even if they embarrass you.

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