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A few photos from last night’s Beach House show

22 Apr 2013

Beach House at the Crowley Theater, April 21, 2013. Photo by Lesley Brown.

Beach House, April 21, 2013. Photo by Lesley Brown.

A few snapshots from last night’s Beach House concert, courtesy of Lesley Brown — see more photos at Big Bend Now. Special thanks to Beach House, Holy Shit and everyone in the audience for making the show such a standout. Truly. Great vibes. Plus a few shout outs to our amazing team: Rob Crowley, Gory Smelley, Chris Hillen, Hilary duPont, Alex Marks, Robert Pecina Jr., Claire Taggart, Lilah Leopold, Lolita Fierro, Dani Cardia, Ross Cashiola, Susannah Lipsey, Michael Camacho, Cuca Flores, plus the amazing folks at the Crowley Theater, Tim Crowley and Jennifer Bell, without whom we could not do any of these shows. More to come!

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