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A Tuesday mellow jam

12 Mar 2013

A nice Tuesday-ish Daylight Savings-ish track. Check out the whole EP here. Via Aquarium Drunkard.

Pinellas County boys and girls tennis teams

Player of the year: Ganesh Rajaram, SoThe one meta analysis of this that I know of was published in Mensa Magazine.

He returned home to work on his pitching mechanics and clear his head.
1 task for me, to make sure to box out (Kevon) Looney and (Tony) Parker,” Jovanovic said.

The local proliferation of the style has an academic connection, says Smart, whose nonprofit is dedicated to documenting, preserving and promoting modernist homes, along with encouraging the building of new ones in the same style.

Eberle had a solid outing against the Calgary Flames on Saturday and has seen an improvement in his game of late.