Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Birdscapes Radio + Chihuahuan Desert | Birdscapes

1 May 2021

Rob Frye. Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes, 2020. Commissioned by Ballroom Marfa. Photo by James Evans.

On International Dawn Chorus Day, Ballroom Marfa presented Birdscapes Radio, a freeform program organized by musician and birder Rob Frye (Bitchin Bajas, Exoplanet, Flux Bikes). This program centers on Frye’s ever-evolving collaborative, sonic exploration into the world of birds. Listeners heardcan expect to hear down-tempo chorus, historical recordings, rare sounds, and seabird colonies hosted by Rob Frye with guests Edbrass Brasil, Cristian Pinto, Martin Frye, Satya Gummuluri and more. The show also includes excerpts from “Experience the Birds,” the first episode of Maui Nui Seabirds: Mauka to Makai, and Rob’s performative lecture “Hearing Hidden Melodies.” A recording of Birdscapes Radio can be accessed through Ballroom Marfa’s website and on YouTube

In addition, Ballroom Marfa and Astral Spirits collaborated on the release of Chihuahuan Desert | Birdscapes on cassette. The cassette features Frye’s original Birdscapes from 2018 in addition to Chihuahuan Desert Birdscapes, commissioned by Ballroom Marfa in 2020. Chihuahuan Desert | Birdscapes is available through Astral Spirits on Bandcamp and Ballroom Marfa’s shop.