Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Don’t miss the “Search Party” film screening in Marfa, October 30

24 Oct 2011

JuliACKS (Finland/USA), Invisible Forces

If you’re in Marfa for Halloween weekend, please come out to the Marfa Book Company, where our intern Amy Johnson is curating Search Party, a film and animation screening on Sunday, 30 October 2011. Search Party celebrates artists who tell the tale of characters who have embarked on a search for answers. The videos explore the fantasies that emerge as internal psychological and external physical worlds collide, and stylistically many of the videos combine live action with animation.

Artists include Shana Moulton who exhibited her series Whispering Pines at PS1, Performa and TBA Performance Festival. Hooliganship is known for their animation compilations Cartune Xpres and multi-media performance tours, while Peter Larsson’s Seven Days in the Woods premiered at the 2011 Berlinale. Search Party will also premiere Marfa band Solid Waste’s new video by James Maher, the production designer for Autobody’s film North of South, West of East.

Artists: Peter Larsson (Sweden), James Maher (NYC / filmed in Marfa), Markus Amalthea Magnuson, Mattias Valenca & Sandra Valenca (Sweden), JuliACKS (Finland/ NYC), Jon Clark (Los Angeles), Shana Moulton (New York), Hooliganship (NYC/ Portland), and Amy Johnson (Portland). Special thanks to Tim Johnson and Marfa Book Company. Search Party begins at 8:30 pm on 30 October 2011 at Marfa Book Company. Free!

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