Marfa Dialogues

Marfa Myths 2019

April 25 - 28, 2019

Ballroom Marfa & Mexican Summer Present
Marfa Myths
April 25-28, 2019 in Marfa, Texas
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Residents of Presidio, Brewster and Jeff Davis counties may purchase Marfa Myths tickets at a 50% discount. Please see Marfa Group on Facebook for more details.

Marfa Myths is an annual music festival and multidisciplinary cultural program founded in 2014 by nonprofit contemporary arts foundation Ballroom Marfa and Brooklyn-based music label Mexican Summer. With Marfa Myths, our organizations bring together a diversity of emerging and established artists and musicians to work creatively and collaboratively across music, film, and visual arts contexts. The festival is inherently embedded in the landscape of Far West Texas, and engages with Marfa’s cultural history and present-day community. To stay informed on dates and the lineup for Marfa Myths 2019 sign up for our newsletter.

Khruangbin, Deerhunter, Annette Peacock, Cass McCombs, Vivien Goldman, Jon Bap, Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble, John Early & Ket Berlant, Nadah El Shazly, OG Ron C & The Chopstars, Money Chicha, Träd, Gräs och Stenar, Photay, Superstar & Star, The Space Lady, Jess Williamson, Emily A. Sprague, Madaya McCraven, Josey Rebelle, Perry Paper, Jess Sah Bi & Peter One, and Lisa Harris

“the [Marfa Myths] festival is perhaps the most extreme example in a recent trend toward intimate, meticulously curated music events” – NY Times

“no VIPs, no velvet ropes, just long brambles called ocotillo, which look like the kind of menacing weeds you expect to find on your way into hell – which is to say, Marfa Myths is a music adventurer’s dream.” – Billboard

    Marfa Myths has been made possible by the generous support of Kenneth Bauso; Arki Bosson; The Brown Foundation, Inc. Houston; Marcos Castro & Rodrigo Feliz; Christina Civetts & Ed Sheetz; The City of Marfa; Fairfax Dorn & Marc Glimcher; Steve Ells; Virginia Lebermann & Family; Lebermann Foundation; The Moody Foundation; National Endowment for the Arts; Eliza Oaborne; Elizabeth Sarnoff; The Texas Commission on the Arts; the Ballroom Marfa Board of Trustees; and Ballroom Marfa members.

    Marfa Myths Funders

    In-kind support provided by Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin Eastciders, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, DAY Beer, Karbach Brewing Co., Kikori Whiskey, L & F Distributors, Marble Brewery, Mikelle and Matt Kruger, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Southern Star Brewing Company, Topo Chico, Twisted Brewing Co.

    Marfa Myths Funders

    Special thanks to our partners The Capri, The Chinati Foundation, Crowley Theater, El Cosmico, Frama, Freda, Hotel Saint George, Judd Foundation, Lost Horse Saloon, Marfa Public Library, Marfa Recording Company, Marfa Studio of Arts, Pure Joy, Sentinel Marfa, Thunderbird Hotel, Visit Marfa, Wrong Marfa.

    Our media partner is Marfa Public Radio.

    Special thanks to Elizabeth Abrahamson, Keith Abrahamsson, Ashlie Adams, Lalo Baeza, Vicki Barge, Rocky Barnett, Malinda Beeman, Yvonne Beltran, Monika Bernstein, Big Bend Sentinel, Christie Blizzard, Camp Bosworth, Abby & Phil Boyd, Lissa Castro, Vicente Celis, Century Sound, Inc., Tom Clapp, Laurel Coniglio, Maisie Crow, Rob Crowley, Tim Crowley, Fairfax Dorn & Marc Glimcher, Bailey Elder, Jonah Emerson Bell, David Fenster, Justin Ferrel, Cuca Flores, Rebecca Gardner, Richard Griggs, Suzi Gruschkus, Lucie Harte, Darby Hillman, Hotel Paisano, Hotel Saint George, Gil Israel, Nicki Ittner, Jose Jimenez, Tim Johnson, Buck Johnston, Flavin Judd, Rainer Judd, Max Kabat, Saarin Keck, Sage Keith, Vance Knowles, Warren Konigsmark, Matt & Mikelle Kruger, Virginia Lebermann, Jennifer Lees, Sarah Levine, Susannah Lipsey, Minerva Lopez, Marfa community at large, Alex Marks, Jeff Matheis, Ty Mitchell, Mary Mois, Jenny Moore, Caitlin Murray, Ann Marie Nafziger, Diana Nguyen, Peggy O’Brien, Hannah Parker, Elise Pepple, Pizza Foundation, Jesse Pollock, Christina Pryor, Howell Pugh, Chris Ramming, Riata Inn, Mandy Roane, Emma Rogers, Jerram Rojo, Xavier Romero, Ryan Rooney, Astrid Rosenfeld, Gory Smelley, Thunderbird Marfa, Nancy Tovar, Cory Van Dyke, Richard Villareal Andrea Walsh, Matt Werth, Convenience West, and Emily Williams.