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Marfa Myths 2014

8 Mar 20148 Mar 2019


Marfa, Texas


Marfa Myths was an annual music festival and multidisciplinary cultural program founded in 2014 by nonprofit contemporary arts foundation Ballroom Marfa and Brooklyn-based music label Mexican Summer. In 2014, the first year of the festival, Ballroom Marfa invited five bands from the Mexican Summer label to play for one day under the big sky at El Cosmico. As the festival grew over the following six years, the two organizations brought together a diversity of emerging and established artists and musicians to work creatively and collaboratively across music, film, and visual arts contexts. 


The festival featured a lineup that ran from ambient pop music through deeply lysergic folk and breezy shoegaze, all performed under the endless blues skies of the Trans-Pecos. 

Poster designed by Rob Carmichael.



Listen to Marfa Public Radio’s Talk at Ten radio interview with Mexican Summer’s Keith Abrahamsson and Adam Lekach on KRTS 93.5FM.

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