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Liz Craft in “Artforum”

17 Sep 2014

Liz Craft, Candy Colored Clown 1,2,& 3, 2010,  Photography © Fredrik Nilsen Liz Craft’s Candy Colored Clowns in Comic Future. Photography © Fredrik Nilsen


LA artist and Comic Future alum, Liz Craft, was recently interviewed for the “Top Ten” feature in Artforum, where she gives a shout out to Ballroom and recounts her time in Marfa:

Good curating doesn’t just bring together interesting combinations of art; it also brings together artists. Last fall, Ballroom Marfa invited me to participate in a show called “Comic Future,” and as it happened, the majority of people included in the exhibition came out for the opening. For three days we hung out in this small Texas town.

I liked everyone involved, but had a particularly good time with Sue Williams. The experience made me remember how much I like artists.


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