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“Rap music is really good when you’re traumatized”: Kim Gordon in Elle

23 Apr 2013

Sonic Youth

Kim Gordon’s band Sonic Youth played here in Marfa in October of 2007, a legendary show that laid the groundwork for Ballroom’s continuing adventures in Far West Texas. We were among the legions of fans upset by news of her impending divorce from husband and bandmate Thurston Moore in 2011.

But of course it’s onward and upward for Gordon: A new band — Body/Head with Bill Nace — and an exhibition of her paintings at Queen’s Nails in San Francisco.

As Lizzy Goodman writes in Elle:

“Moore moved out. Gordon stayed home and listened to a lot of hip-hop. “Rap music is really good when you’re traumatized,” she says.”

It’s an excellent read, and Goodman goes on to pinpoint one of the myriad reasons why Kim Gordon matters:

“Part of my own affection for Kim Gordon, I realize, is her association with an era when even boys thought it was cool to call themselves feminists. I’m not sure when exactly that changed, but I know that by the time I was aware of experiencing sexism firsthand I’d already gotten the message that to identify myself as a feminist would limit me. I envy and admire the way Gordon—and the pop-cultural heroes she helped shape, like Hanna and Coppola and Courtney Love—seemed unafraid of that word. But I am even more envious and admiring of the way the men in Gordon’s orbit—from the Beastie Boys, who played with Sonic Youth over the years, to Moore to Cobain, who was very close to Gordon—seem to have taken cues from her about how to be good men.”

Indeed. Or as the Deadheads say, “Thank You Kim.” If you read one thing on the internet today, read this: “Kim Gordon Sounds Off“. [via RAM]

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