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Processions — San Cha


Music Commission

San Cha

Processions, a new mixtape, from the trailblazing musician, composer, and performer San Cha, is now available on cassette exclusively through Ballroom Marfa. This curious, genre-bending collection of singles delves into San Cha’s versatile range, blending Rancheras, electronica, and dance music with a subtle nod to pop. Through this mixtape, San Cha explores themes of relationships, queering conventional notions of identity, power, and love. 

This Spring, San Cha spent time in Marfa as an artist in residence through Ballroom Sessions—The Farther Place, where she worked with her collaborator, Darian Donovan Thomas, on a new telenovela opera ASUNCIÓN. Inspired by her experience in Marfa, San Cha reflected on her notions of home and feeling seen in the desert, surrounded by her creative collaborators who are pushing the borders and boundaries of traditional Latinx music and storytelling. Her mixtape is inspired by this notion of feeling at home and finding her way in the wild world.

Influenced by her time on the ranches of Jalisco and early experiences in the queer clubs of San Francisco, Processions blends traditional Ranchera elements with contemporary electronic influences. The result is a captivating fusion that sensitively explores emotional narratives surrounding home, love, and relationships. In “All of Me,” the closing track on the mixtape, San Cha reflects on the pain of feeling unseen and her struggle to be fully herself with her family and in relationships.

This project was organized by Sarah Melendez, Ballroom Marfa’s former Music Curator and Programs Director.

Artist Profile

San Cha

San Cha is a singer-songwriter known for her explosive, visceral, and emotional live performances. Her name is derived from the Spanish word sancha which translates to ‘mistress’, and is also a reference to the title of ‘San’ given to male saints in the Catholic tradition. Following the release of her cumbia-infused record, Capricho Del Diablo in 2018, San Cha was commissioned by the Red Bull Music Academy to perform “La Luz de Esperanza,” a two-act multimedia performance inspired by popular melodramatic telenovelas. San Cha will premiere ASUNCIÓN, a new telenovela opera based on her Red Bull performance and subsequent concept album, “La Luz de la Esperanza,” with the Long Beach Opera in 2024 with expanded performances at PICA and Performance Space New York in 2025.