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This is Presence: Artists’ Film International — The Institute for New Feeling with Arturo Bandini

23 Sep 201619 Feb 2017


Marfa, Texas


The Institute for New Feeling | Arturo Bandini

This is Presence featured newly-commissioned work from artist collective the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf), including the video nominated by Ballroom for the 2016 season of Artists’ Film International (AFI). AFI is an international collaboration organized by Whitechapel Gallery, London, that showcases emerging artists working in video and animation. The IfNf project was complemented by two micro-exhibitions hosted by Arturo Bandini in Ballroom’s courtyard. These distinct projects both responded to the theme of AFI 2016: technology.

Founded by artists Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt, and Nina Sarnelle, IfNf describes their collaboration as “a research clinic committed to the development of new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new.” Their multidisciplinary works and installations borrow from the language of corporate branding, new age healing and traditional medicine, injecting the mystical and uncanny into commercial interfaces.

IfNf’s commissioned video, This is Presence, replicates the endless linking actions of web users as they search for answers on the Internet. The artists’ marshal search engine logic as a sort of modern oracle system while simulating the marketing mechanisms that optimize online presence. 

In addition to the film, Ballroom supported the production of Ditherer, a newly commissioned virtual reality experience from the Institute. The piece uses an VR headset to transport users into an infinite warehouse that features an assortment of products for sale and anticipates surreal, near-future shopping. The installation showcased additional videos from IfNf, objects from the Institute’s product line, and the other AFI selections.

In Ballroom’s courtyard, Arturo Bandini hosted two shows-within-the-show, Sim City and Grey Goo Gardens, over the run of AFI 2016. These micro-exhibitions included work from sixteen artists, who played with and off of the exhibition’s technological themes. Sim City (September 23 – December 4, 2016) featured Edgar Bryan, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Michael Dopp, Liz Glynn, Kate Hall, Julian Hoeber, Nevine Mahmoud, and Mungo Thomson; Grey Goo Gardens (December 9, 2016 – February 19, 2017) presented Ed Fornieles, Sonja Gerdes, Joel Holmberg, Dwyer Kilcollin, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Anna Mayer, Thomas Mcdonell, and Isaac Resnikoff.


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