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Arturo Bandini

9 Dec 201619 Feb 2017


Marfa, Texas


Arturo Bandini, a collaborative project/gallery by artists Michael Dopp and Isaac Resnikoff, hosted four shows within two exhibitions: Vapegoat Rising, Dengue Fever, Sim City, and Grey Goo Gardens, over a year-long installation in the Ballroom Marfa courtyard. These micro-exhibitions played off of and with the themes in their hosting projects After Effect and This is Presence.

During the run of After Effect, which was about transcendent abstraction and landscape, Bandini concocted Vapegoat Rising, which they described as a “percolation of fog and rock” and featured work by Josh Callaghan, Kathryn Garcia, Mark Hagen, Rick Hager, Yanyan Huang, Whitney Hubbs, Sofia Londono, and Barak Zemer. Mid-way through After Effect they installed Dengue Fever, a show that functioned as “a sort of Henri Rousseau delirium, a jungle of feeling, and a landscape turned inwards” with work by Kelly Akashi, Marten Elder, John Finneran, S Gernsbacher, Drew Heitzler, Sarah Manuwal, Calvin Marcus, and Roni Shneior.

Then, alongside the Institute for New Feeling’s technological themes in This is Presence, Bandini’s Sim City featured Edgar Bryan, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Michael Dopp, Liz Glynn, Kate Hall, Julian Hoeber, Nevine Mahmoud, and Mungo Thomson. Half-way through This is Presence, Bandini staged Grey Goo Gardens with work from Ed Fornieles, Sonja Gerdes, Joel Holmberg, Dwyer Kilcollin, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Anna Mayer, Thomas Mcdonell, and Isaac Resnikoff.

Artist Profile

Arturo Bandini

Arturo Bandini is a collaborative project/gallery by artists Michael Dopp and Isaac Resnikoff. The gallery occupies a small building designed by Joakim Dahlqvist that fluidly transposes interior and exterior space, mirroring Bandini’s promiscuous curatorial sensibility. Ballroom Marfa hosted an exact copy of the original Bandini building in Los Angeles. 

Contributing Artists

Kelly Akashi, Edgar Bryan, Josh Callaghan, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Michael Dopp, Marten Elder, John Finneran, Kathryn Garcia, Sonja Gerdes, S Gernsbacher, Liz Glynn, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Ed Fornieles, Kate Hall, Mark Hagen, Rick Hager, Drew Heitzler, Julian Hoeber, Joel Holmberg, Yanyan Huang, Whitney Hubbs, Dwyer Kilcollin, Sofia Londono, Anna Mayer, Nevine Mahmoud, Sarah Manuwal, Calvin Marcus, Thomas Mcdonell, Isaac Resnikoff, Roni Shneior, Mungo Thomson, and Barak Zemer. 

Installation Images