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UJI — Live DJ Set with Percussion

15 Nov 2019


Lost Horse Saloon

Live DJ Set with Percussion

Following the opening reception of Ballroom’s fall exhibition, Longilonge, with Solange Pessoa on November 15, UJI will be performing a DJ set with live percussion at Lost Horse Saloon.

Artist Profile


UJI (Luis Maurette) is an Argentinian DJ, nomadic electronic producer, multi-instrumentalist, and half of the pioneering duo “Lulacruza.” His music is dance floor bound: rooted in various indigenous traditions while borrowing from the aesthetics and sound design of the future of electronic music.

Uji’s experimentation is carefully woven into multi-textured soundscapes. Most of the sounds we find in his latest album, Alborada, are field recordings. Uji has compiled a vast sound bank over the years throughout his travels, including a wide array of instruments from his collection such as; congas, cununo, marimba, balafon, charango, bombo leguero, sonajas, as well as analog drum machines, samplers, synthesizers and vocals. A multi layered assemblage with deep and rich textures from around the world.