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William Tyler Posters: In Process

18 Jul 2013

William Tyler posters, in process, by Daniella Ben-Bassat

William Tyler posters, in process, by Daniella Ben-Bassat

We’re gearing up for the William Tyler show on August 6 (did we mention that $3.33 will be opening?), and got a sneak peek at the posters, designed by artist Daniella Ben-Bassat, which are due to arrive next week. They are printed on DENIM. We emailed Daniella about her inspiration for the design:

I really like being able to manipulate whatever I’m going to print on and was feeling a little bit limited by paper. Denim has always been very cool to me and can symbolize a lot of different things and aesthetics — Americana, folk, punk, whatever. I was also looking at some of the shapes from the Gee’s Bend quilts and started messing with those. The blocky patterns reminded me of the Black Flag logo, so I started incorporating that font into the design. It’s always exciting to me when different periods of creative culture and history speak similar visual languages.

And she ps’d us with another influence.

So good. People are cool. We’re lucky to work with artists in all phases of our shows: poster, performance, photography. Triple threat. Check out Daniella’s inspirations for the poster below.