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Dan Colen Talks Cloud Paintings on The Dinner Party Download

5 Apr 2016

IMG_8736-350x350 Listen to Dan Colen talk about his contributions to our After Effect group exhibition on The Dinner Party Download, and read highlights from the interview below and on their website

What I’m trying to kind of accomplish is maybe transcend the image a little bit through the material and the way I apply it. They’re sprayed oil. It’s traditional artist oil paint, but it’s sprayed in many, many, many layers. And there’s really nothing that speaks to any kind of, like, illusionistic deep space.

So, the clouds and the sky, on quick glance, you see them reading like the clouds in front and the sky in back. But when you actually spend a little time with it, there’s really no space implied. And so they’re kind of on one plane. So, it has an abstract quality, and the material is like,