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Prada Marfa Update: Restoration Underway

17 Feb 2015

Prada Marfa Repair 4

Restoration is underway at Prada Marfa, as Deputy Director Katherine Shaugnessy reports back with these photos from outside of Valentine. The work on Elmgreen and Dragset’s installation will continue over the next few weeks as we replace the awnings and glass that were damaged in the 2014 site vandalism.


For more information on Prada Marfa — including an official clarification of our policy regarding its maintenance — take a look at our Prada Marfa Explainer.

Prada Marfa Repair 5

Prada Marfa Repair 3

Prada Marfa Repair 2

Prada Marfa Repair 1

Boyd Elder on Prada Marfa

18 Jun 2013


If you weren’t one of the 6,000 people who saw this on the Ballroom Facebook page, here’s Prada Marfa caretaker and Valentine OG Boyd Elder sharing some thoughts with 60 Minutes about the controversial land art installation he looks after:

“I consider it to be hilarious, I consider it to be facetious, I consider it to be neurotic.”

Keeping things in perspective.