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Work by Linda Matalon featured in “Signal to Noise” at Gallery Niklas Belenius

17 Jan 2014

Linda Matalon, Untitled , 2013, photo courtesy of Gallery Niklas Belenius

Linda Matalon, Untitled , 2013, photo courtesy of Gallery Niklas Belenius

If you’re in Stockholm, be sure to check out Immaterial alum, Linda Matalon’s work, currently featured in Signal to Noise at .

The exhibition, which is named for the scientific ratio of signal intensity (useful information) to noise intensity (background noise and static), asks “what happens if we intentionally do things in another than the logical or best possible way, disrupting the established forms of response, reaction, and linear communication.”

As described by the gallery, Matalon’s method of “adding and subtracting” from the surface of her wax covered drawings, “calls to mind the first sound recordings from the late 19th century”, which were made on phonograph cylinders covered in wax. Audio signals were then produced from grooves etched into the surface. Because wax is a non-conductive compound,the information could only be transmitted through its immediate shape and materiality. Thus, it is not only the material that connects Matalon’s work with the early technology, but this emphasis and interest in materiality and its ability to convey meaning and communicate. Matalon’s wax reveals every mark the artist makes, allowing the viewer an intimate glimpse into her technique and process: her gesture forming a new language.

Signal to Noise is on view until January 19th, 2014 and features the work of artists Nina Canell, Robert Kinmont, Linda Matalon, Rivane Neuenschwander, Amalia Pica, Sophie Tottie,

Linda Matalon’s echo echo

27 Feb 2013

Ballroom alum Linda Matalon‘s solo exhibition echo echo opens 27 February 2013 — that’s tonight! — at Blackston in New York.


Untitled, 2011, 22 x 30 inches, graphite and wax on paper

Blackston is pleased to present echo echo, Linda Matalon‘s first solo exhibition with the gallery. A reception for the artist will be held on Wednesday, February 27th from 6 to 8 p.m.

Matalon‘s exhibition presents a range of two-dimensional works where spatial relationships, temporal associations and material process interplay within and between works to evidence the sublime in art-making. In Matalon‘s works on paper, complex surfaces, while subtle at first glance, are worked with a rigorous hand: drawing with wax, scraping, graphite, mark-making and rubbing are all integral to the work, as is physicality and time. A sculptural approach to building up or breaking down surfaces, distress and erasure is clearly at work, but in the precarious balance between mark and surface, a delicacy prevails: a balanced territory where space and time flatten and expand.

The works in this exhibition speak to liminal space, where the resonance between pieces adds to the inherent contingency of any individual piece. Further, in showing her work Matalon mixes pieces and mediums from different time periods to generate a new, comprehensive whole. …

Read more about the exhibition at the Blackston website