Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Duemolly – “Love Face #2”

18 Jun 2013

When all of the susurrus around this Playboy Marfa, Marfa Girl, Prada Marfa, 60 Minutes, Donald Judd thing dies down and the camera crews and installation teams go home, we’ll dial up this fresh video full of San Carlos horse races, Pinto Canyon cruising, Las Pilas cannonballs and DQ snacking from Shorthorn MVP Duemolly, Lebarton, Ben-Yehuda and all the next gen rap cats, skate bros and synth class alums in the Stomach Club crew and remember why everybody covets a piece of this Far West Texas/North Mexico vibe. Get more Duemolly at Stomach Club.

Marfa Girl Souvenirs and Other “Larry Clark Stuff”

31 Jan 2013

Border politics, violence and complicated class dynamics have been touchstones of Marfa’s film culture from the days of Giant through Meredith Danluck’s Ballroom-commissioned North of South, West of East to No Country For Old Men, which features our beloved local bank president as the first of many assassinations

So when Larry Clark chose our high desert town as the setting for his latest exploited-teen bummer trip — the straight-to-internet Marfa Girl — he was in good company.

Various artifacts from Clark’s career are going up for sale this weekend in Los Angeles at “Larry Clark Stuff,” an exhibit co-curated by Boo-Hooray and Clark as part of the Printed Matter Art Book Fair at MOCA. Most of the Marfa Girl-memorabilia was sold out last we checked, but there’s still plenty of skateboards and T-shirts up for grabs online (it’s Larry Clark so of course NSFW) or if you stop by the show in LA.