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Eleanor Friedberger’s Marfa Memories

11 Jun 2013

Colt Miller con el disco de Eleanor Friedberger en frente de Ballroom Marfa. Foto de Logan Caldbeck, cortesía de Cobra Rock Instagram.

Eleanor Friedberger recounts a surprise wedding performance here in Marfa during her Ballroom residency in this recent “Situation Critical” interview with Pitchfork

“I actually performed Buddy Holly’s “Dearest” at a wedding once. I was in Marfa, Texas, doing a little residency and recording, and there was a wedding going on the same day as my show. The guy who I was recording with was also the AV guy at this wedding, so he had to take a break to go. I was like, “Well, if you’re going, then shouldn’t I go? Maybe they’ll let me sing a song.”

I was going to start singing as soon as they made their walk down the aisle together as husband and wife, but I did not know that they were going to stop and greet each and every one of their guests as they walked back. It took them so long. It’s only a two-minute-long song, so I just sang it over and over and over again– probably around 10 times.”

Take a listen to “I’ll Never Be Happy Again”, the single she recorded with a crew of Marfa players on iTunes, or order a copy of the 7-inch at the Ballroom Marfa store. (via Tim Johnson)

New Eleanor Friedberger Music!

21 Feb 2013

Now available in the Ballroom Marfa store: The new Eleanor Friedberger 7-inch single recorded at the Marfa Recording Company, featuring a crew of Marfa players — the Cashiola brothers, Chris Hillen and Brian LeBarton — known from local bands like Candles and Hotel Brotherhood. Colt Miller of the Cobra Rock Boot Company accompanies Eleanor with banjo and pedal steel, adding the finishing touches to the session’s classic West Texas vibes. Click here to read more.

“I’ll Never Be Happy Again” b/w “Dallas,” is out now in a limited edition of 500 on Ballroom Marfa. The A-side is also available as a download on iTunes.

For more information, please visit Eleanor Friedberger on .