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Words of Wisdom From Lovefoxxx, Plus a New CSS Single

30 May 2013

Photo of Lovefoxxx at Ballroom Marfa, May 27, 2012. Photo by Jana Ayena.

Lovefoxxx at Ballroom Marfa, May 27, 2012. Photo courtesy of Jana Ayena.

We’re all over Rookie these days — maybe our demographic — and today they have an interview with Lovefoxxx of CSS, who played for us last Memorial Day and totally brought the party (as evidenced in the photo above). Lovefoxxx shares photos from their recording sojourn in Los Angeles, love for reggae (Ballroom hears that), recommendations for new Latin American bands (Kumbia Queers, we may be coming for you) and their new single “Dynamite.” One great bit:

CSS is about to start shooting a makeover show for the web, where you’ll also be giving people relationship and life advice. What’s some advice you would give our readers?
You can show compassion without dimming yourself down. Be true. Be a flower.

Be true. Be a flower. Planta is out June 11.

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I also really like their bun cha Hanoi.
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