Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Fairfax Dorn in the Wall Street Journal Magazine

9 Oct 2015


Photography by Martyn Thompson for WSJ. Magazine

The Wall Street Journal Magazine profiles Ballroom Marfa Co-Founder and Artistic Director Fairfax Dorn and the New York home she shares with husband Marc Glimcher. Whitney Robins offers an insightful perspective on the thinking that informed Ballroom’s founding in 2003, and that drives the creative vision behind our organization as we prepare to enter our 13th year. As Flavin Judd tells it,

“It takes guts—and vision,” adds Flavin, who manages the Judd Foundation along with his sister, Rainer. He’s talking about the ambitious programming by Ballroom Marfa, which Dorn co-founded in 2003 with fellow arts enthusiast Virginia Lebermann. Since then, Ballroom Marfa has continued to host shows of daring new work by art stars such as Peter Doig, Sam Falls and Rashid Johnson in its gallery space on Judd’s doorstep. “In some ways, my father saved Marfa from becoming a dusty, abandoned Border Patrol stop,” he says. “But in other ways it was Fairfax and Virginia who did it. They put their faith in the future of Marfa.”

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