Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


A Promise Is a Cloud, Part Two

22 Nov 2011

Adam Pendleton, Black Dada Flags, 2011
Black Dada flags, 2011
16 vinyl flags, 5 x 7 feet each, courtesy the artist and Shane Campbell Gallery
Photo: James Ewing, Courtesy Public Art Fund

Completely captivated by A Promise Is a Cloud, the new Public Art Fund exhibition in Brooklyn. It stars four young artists, including two Ballroom Marfa alum: Erin Shirreff (read about her piece here) and Adam Pendleton, who was in the very first Ballroom show, Optimo, way back in 2003. Pendleton’s piece, Black Dada flags, furthers his “Black Dada” project, which pairs two concepts: Dada, and the notion of “black” (read more about “Black Dada” project in this interview with Pendleton in BOMB). The work features 16 large, silver, black, and white flags along the Myrtle Promenade, and each flag features a unique and (increasingly) abstract design derived from the visual language of Pendleton’s “Black Dada” (which is in turn derived in part from reproduced images of Sol LeWitt’s series of sculptures Incomplete Open Spaces). Glad it’s a year-long exhibition.

p.s. Check out YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES’ piece — which appears on a screen in the MetroTech Commons plaza. It’s a modified version of this, which I saw a few years ago online.

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