Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Catching up with “Immaterial” Artist, Rosy Keyser

24 Mar 2014


Rosy Keyser in her Brooklyn studio. Photo by Britt Winterer.

In an article for ARTnews, Barbara A. MacAdam discusses the evolution of Immaterial artist Rosy Keyser’s work. MacAdam also explores the artist’s various inspirations including living in rural Maryland, while attending school in Baltimore city; her time in upstate New York; and her experience at Ballroom Marfa, noting:

Other recent activities include her participation last May in an exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection in London as well as the show at Halsey McKay Gallery. But it was a 2010–11 exhibition at Ballroom Marfa in remote West Texas that Keyser says really had a big impact on the way she thinks about “the reflexive qualities of matter and atmosphere where familiar landmarks are scarce.”

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