Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Dan Finsel at Richard Telles Fine Art

15 Mar 2013

Richard Telles presents an exhibition of new work by Ballroom alum Dan Finsel, his first solo exhibition with the Los Angeles gallery.



MARCH 16 – APRIL 20, 2013

Opening reception: Saturday, March 16th, from 5 to 7pm

From the press release [PDF]:

The installation features mandala paintings, large-scale photographs on which paint was applied, and three table-like sculptures, among other works, all of whose details feature a vocabulary of symbols intertwined by Finsel’s internal logic. He developed this symbology while performing the exercises described in the book The Inward Journey / Art as Therapy for You by Margaret Frings Keyes (1974), which was found in his parents’ book collection. Finsel’s new body of work departs from his last in surface content but continues to employ an interpretation of method acting techniques to inhabit hidden aspects of himself. In doing so, he undergoes almost “extreme” subjective altering processes. By displacing his current self, he grafts “logically” determined psychological attributes/motives—depending on the reference material—to his thinking. Thus by determining the psychology of a subject “who would create this work”, Finsel sees not only the elements of his performance as furthering an intended motive of meta-narrative and authorial play, but allows, in retrospect, for access to recesses of self that until now were previously unknown.

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