Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Erin Shirreff Takes Her Time

25 Mar 2013

“All my work is very much about this open-ended encounter. Creating an occasion for an experience. This is the longest video I’ve made, actually. It’s a 44-minute loop. But you don’t have to sit and watch any of my videos. I say that in jest, but I mean it. I made the very careful decision that the length of the loop is not advertised anywhere in the gallery. Because I feel like duration can be a comfort, but it’s also kind of a terror. My videos don’t have any beginning or end. Every moment within it contains it. Hopefully.”

A great piece on artist Erin Shirreff, one of the artists featured in our 2010 visual arts exhibition Immaterial, from New York Close Up, a documentary series about art and life in the city.