Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Foundation for Contemporary Arts award

29 Jul 2011

We’re honored to announce that The Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA), a non-profit arts organization that supports contemporary visual and performing arts, has granted Ballroom Marfa one of its 62 grants this year. Through grants, FCA supports contemporary arts organizations that provide visual and performing artists with opportunities to present imaginative work to the public or offer artists crucial professional services. FCA was established in 1963 through the efforts of artists Jasper Johns and John Cage in the belief that painters and sculptors were sufficiently concerned about the state of performance arts—dance, theater and music—to donate their work in support of performing artists. For more information about the grants and recipients, please visit FCA.

Partly, her empirical work has been based on the application of functional magnetic resonance imaging; her conceptual work is grounded in feminist and gender theory

Before a crowd of community leaders Monday, Clearwater Mayor George N.
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Stylistically, the work is rather difficult to place.
In 1991 the conductors of the 14 major symphony orchestras in Canada (ie, those with budgets over $1 million) still were predominantly foreign, the exceptions being Mario Bernardi of the Calgary Philharmonic, Victor Feldbrill of the Hamilton Philharmonic, and Peter McCoppin of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra (Uri Mayer of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, was a naturalized Canadian).
However, in recent interviews, Jordan expressed no interest in resigning and seemed to be planning to continue.