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From the Chinese Buffet to the Texas Chainsaw Cemetery Cleanup: Your Four Day Marfa Weekend Starts Now

21 Feb 2013



Local musician Ross Cashiola brings his monthly WAR & CINEMA open mic to Padre’s. As he tells the Big Bend Sentinel, “I want this to be an easy platform for people to try out new songs and new things.” New things including but not limited to poetry, plays and “even stand-up comedy.”

There’s an opening reception for Chinati artist in residence MATT ROBERTS at the Ice Plant from 6-8pm — an excellent opportunity to pre-game War & Cinema while experiencing the artist’s “loose narrative that reawakens the sense of wonder for what is nearest.” Roberts “works primarily in sculpture, employing extra-sculptural gestures such as walking and mapping to form the dense web of his understanding of place.” Listen to a walk-through preview of the show on Marfa Public Radio.

jesse sugarmann / Recent Work About The Big Three


The evening starts at 6p at Michael Strogoff, a new addition to the Marfa landscape from Ballroom’s Associate Curator Erin Kimmel and Nicolas Miller. JESSE SUGARMANN‘s Recent Work About The Big Three is part of a body of work that flows from the artist’s interest in “the way that car accidents function as instant monuments to traumatic events.”

And then it’s off to the aforementioned Psychic Ills meltdown happening at Padre’s at 9pm.




Making the most of their new space, the culinary entrepreneurs behind the Food Shark and the Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour are bringing the first of a monthly supper club series to the Future Shark. “CHINESE BUFFET” goes down at 120 N. Highland Ave at 7:30p. Tickets for the “feast from a far-off land” are $25, available now at the Future Shark.

Just before dinner at 7p, former Ballroom intern Matt Panuska will be holding court at the opening of An Introduction to Major Figures of Barb Aria, his new solo show featuring “characters and narratives drawn from the invented American territory known as Barb Aria” over at Big Bend Coffee Roasters.


“The Boyz2Men taco trailer board of advisors announce their quarterly community service project: a clean up of Merced Cemetery from 4-7pm Sunday.” Eye, ear and hand protection is recommended as chainsaws will be in use. More info at Big Bend Now.


As everyone out here in the Big Bend knows, the weekend doesn’t always end on Sunday night: Marfa Contemporary holds an opening reception for Boo Ritson from 5-7p.