Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Get your own Sonic Fabric!

6 Sep 2011

Video of the Sonic Fabric studio, courtesy of Alyce Santoro.

Ballroom alumnus Alyce Santoro, who we presented in this year’s Texas Biennial, is the inventor of sonic fabric, an audible textile woven from cassette tape prerecorded with collages of sound. Alyce has been engaged in this project for over 10 years, which has evolved from a small-scale one-off conceptual art piece to a much larger-scale body of work that has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. To share this project with others,and to collaborate with fellow musicians and artists, architects, and designers, Alyce is gearing up to create a new batch of sonic fabric. To fund the process, she’s offering to weave small, custom-recorded batches of sonic fabric as a perk for contributors. There’s only two days left to donate, and she’s almost to her goal. Donate here.