Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Gina Phillips at Jonathan Ferrara

24 Feb 2011


Gina Phillips, Adam and Eve (detail), fabric, thread, acrylic paint, glitter

If you haven’t had a chance, stop by Jonathan Ferrara in New Orleans to see Gina Phillips’ new show, Heroes and Villains, which closes on March 3. Phillips, one of the artists in our upcoming exhibition, The World According to New Orleans, is showcasing new work — a series of tapestries, focusing on magically realistic, narrative imagery. For more information, you can see a video of Phillips discussing her work here.

Directed panspermia, where an alien race intentionally sent an asteroid or spacecraft loaded with living organisms to Earth, is another slightly more exotic theory

Courtesy of Jeff Skrenes

Jeff Skrenes removing a sign from a pole in North Minneapolis using a 10′ ice scraper.

Whatever the reason, it seems perhaps Alison pelt has at times had to become as effective a bad weather shield as that of her lanolin rich beasts.
Riverton High teacher arrested

Jarell’s attorney said she resigned in order to focus on her defense, and that she intends to enter a not guilty plea.
Other features include over sized double garage, dual street frontage, air conditioning plus much more.
Carroll also had 10 rebounds in that game, one off his season high and two off his career high.

Some of the dozens of dispensaries in the city skirt the law by teaming up with health professionals other than doctors and nurse practitioners, like naturopaths and in one case a psychologist, who issue certificates that dispensaries then rely on to let patients become members.