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Hamid Drake solo in Paris

11 Feb 2013

Legendary jazz drummer and percussionist Hamid Drake solo in Paris in 2010. As friend Shannin Porter said, “No words.” Drake played at Ballroom in 2004 as part of Fire Into Music (the accompanying LP is on sale here).

Lettre(s) reçue(s) ; Kredrzynski, Stanislav

Welcome to the candid, unfiltered and sometimes unpolished world of Oakley, who’s spent the past month on the bench of the Jordan owned Bobcats.

“I got chills from the birthday card,” 23 year old inmate Jordan “Janae” Farris testified.

“I feel like it encouraged me to write and stuff,” said Alex Taylor, 13, of Neptune City.
The story is of a tragedy of two young children found dead in a basement of a home with gun shot wounds by a Police officer.

Wealthy people are educated and know to call 911 in emergencies.
Il avait opéré le septuple champion du monde allemand après son crash à Silverstone en 1999 et s’était rendu à ses côtés après son accident de ski l’an dernier.