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28 Sep 2012

Hip Deep Angola Part 2: Kuduro and Beyond by Afropop Worldwide

Ned Sublette — composer, musician, musicologist, and one of the stars of Vidas Perfectas (which will make its way to Marfa next year) — just released Hip Deep Angola Part Two: 21st Century Urban Angola: Kizomba, Kudiro, Afro-House, and Beyond. The second in his series about Angola, this show focuses entirely on African electronic music. Sublette explains, “Peace came to Angola in 2002 after forty-two years of war, and now everything is different, with construction under way everywhere. The postwar generation of the last ten years communicates via text-messaging and electronic music. The biggest of which is the techno-meets-rap-meets-African-dance style known as kuduro (literally, “hard-ass”).” Check it out. –NI

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