Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


LAND in Marfa

16 Nov 2011


Rob Fisher’s work at the former D.A. Russell Hospital for the upcoming LAND exhibition

Mark the date for Los Angeles Nomadic Division’s exhibition NOTHING BESIDE REMAINS WEEKEND in Marfa. From Dec. 9th to 11th, LAND will host performances and programming by exhibiting artists, selected screenings, and guided tours of the exhibition.

Nothing Beside Remains is a suite of commissioned public projects sited in Marfa, presented by LAND, opening in September 2011 and continuing into 2012.

Integrated into the boundless West Texas landscape, and connected by the thematic evoked in the exhibition’s titular reference, P.B. Shelley’s “Ozymandias,” these projects address the beauty and poetry in decay, the inevitable decline of the monumental, and the fleeting presence of legacy in the face of the erosion of time.

Exhibiting artists include Andrea Bowers, Sarah Cain, Sue de Beer, Rob Fischer, Karl Haendel, Ry Rocklen, Mungo Thomson, and Garth Weiser.

For more information and the schedule of events, visit LAND’s website.