Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Last Chance to See Rashid Johnson in Athens

27 Aug 2014

Installation view of Magic Numbers. Courtesy of The George Economou Collection.

Installation view of Magic Numbers. Courtesy of The George Economou Collection.

For all our friends in Greece: Ballroom Marfa alumnus Rashid Johnson’s show at The George Economou Collection Space in Athens closes tomorrow. Entitled Magic Numbers, the show features several site-specific installation works that “[immerse] visitors in a visual cosmology that ricochets between diverse cultural allusions and formal traditions.”

More from The George Economou Collection:

This exhibition foregrounds the singular symbolic language of American artist Rashid Johnson…the installation opens with a constellation of works forged from Johnson’s signature vocabulary of materials suffused with personal and historical resonances… Together, the works in the exhibition channel Johnson’s current preoccupation with notions of hybridity and metamorphosis, cohering into an immersive environment freighted with narrative possibilities.

If you happen to be in Athens this week, Magic Numbers is not to be missed.

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