Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Late night heroics

1 Mar 2012

Roberto Pugliese, W.P. Parrott, and Joe Cashiola installing

Roberto Pugliese, W.N. Parrott, and Joe Cashiola, fighting the good fight


Sean DiIanni, Rob Crowley, and Hilary duPont pulling some late-night magic

Install Week, also known as The Seven to Fifteen Craziest Days of the Year, No Matter How Hard You Plan. Here are members of our team pulling some late-night heroics for our opening on Friday. We’re so lucky to have folks who don’t blink an eye at wielding a blowtorch at midnight. Or pushing a scissor lift onto a trailer at 12:30 am. Special thanks to Joe Cashiola, Rob Crowley, Sean DiIanni, W.N. Parrott, Roberto Pugliese, and Amanda Galli for all their hard work. We owe you a couple thousand beers.