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Linda Matalon named as ArtForum’s Best of 2010

7 Dec 2010


Every December, Artforum invites artists, critics, and curators to look back at the year in art. In the current issue, fourteen contributors choose their top ten highlights of 2010. Victoria Noorthoorn, an independent curator based in Buenos Aires, chose Linda Matalon’s work from our show Immaterial as one of the year’s best. In Victoria’s words:

In Matalon’s wax and graphite drawings (featured in the group show “Immaterial”), the slightest gesture becomes the basis for an intimate diary, a palimpsest of experiences. The minimal information the works provide–a stroke of graphite, an infinitesimal amount of dirt, the slightest cut–reveals a heritage that spans from Turner to Agnes Martin, Chris Burden, Eva Hesse, and Richard Tuttle. Each drawing challenges invisibility to speak not just of the sublime but of the coarse texture of the present.

For more of the best picks, take a look at the print edition of the December Artforum.

Linda Matalon discussing her “Untitled” diptych © Photo: Lindsay Pollock.