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Marfa Myths: Insider Tips

6 Dec 2016

Ballroom Marfa and Mexican Summer are presenting the fourth Marfa Myths over March 9-12, 2017 (buy tickets ). To prepare for your visit to Marfa, check out our most insider-y tips.

Montezuma quail.
You could see a Montezuma quail at the bird blind at the Davis Mountains State Park. Photo courtesy of Davis Mountains State Park.

Laura Copelin, curator
I love Mano! And CDRI, is that what I said before? And the bird blind at the Ft. Davis State Park!

THe best decision of your life?
Amethyst biomat, i.e., your future.

Sarah Melendez, registrar & programs associate
Buy or borrow a . Chill with your rocks and let your mind wander!!!

Vizcaino Park
Baby tumbleweed at Vizcaino Park.

Nicki Ittner, Marfa Myths producer
• Drink a glass or two of sparkling rosé at Stellina.
• Vizcaino Park for deserted alien sunset walks.
Cobra Rock boots, British military shirts at Mano, and dope vintage at Freda.
• I weirdly love the Blue Mountain Bistro in Fort Davis (they close at 8pm for dinner during the week) (8pm!!!!) (it’s so brilliant) (Early Bedtimes 4 Everyone Plz).

Susannah Lipsey
Susannah Lipsey, via her Instagram.

Susannah Lipsey, owner of Freda
Moonlight Gemstones – have a custom piece of jewelry made by Paul & buy some geodes to crack open with friends.

Portobello burger has returned at Jett’s and you can order fried pickles off menu. Yum.

West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society
West Texas clouds, via West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society.

Ross Cashiola, Marfa Myths map maker and West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society Co-Founder
Go buy friendship bracelets at Mano.

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