Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Matthew Day Jackson’s Heel Gezellig in Amsterdam

5 Oct 2011

Matthew Day Jackson, Heel Gezellig

People of Amsterdam! Our dear friend, Ballroom alum, and board member Matthew Day Jackson is having an opening tomorrow, 6 October 2011, at both Grimm Galleries in Amsterdam.

At the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat, Jackson will present one half of Heel Gezellig, in which he’s transformed the gallery into a living room, with a large Study Collection work, paintings and various sculptures on hand. The objects and works presented deal with notions of mortality, or the material of being. As Jackson says, “We are not simply flesh and bone, but also the materials through which we express ourselves to the world outside.”

The other half of Heel Gezellig, at the Keizersgracht gallery, was inspired by Andrew Guenther’s first New York solo show, where Guenther invited guests to exhibit work within his own exhibition. Jackson has invited artists Larry Bamburg, Sarah E. Wood, Erin Shirreff, Jonathan Marshall, Gretchen Bennett, Andrew Guenther, Adam Helms, Kris Kollmer and Maarten Baas — artists who have inspired Jackson himself — to contribute a piece relating to one of his “In Search of…” videos (based on the ’70s television show starring Leonard Nimoy). Jackson’s third and final “In search of…” video is also included: “In search of…Zombies.”

Heel Gezellig runs in both Grimm galleries from 6 October – 20 November 2011. The opening is 6 October 2011, from 4-6pm at Keizersgracht 82, and 6-8pm at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 23-25. Don’t miss it!