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Obsessed with songs

12 Dec 2012

“Writing about us, people have said: “Do we need another album by this band?” What the fuck is that? That only matters if you’re just listening to sound. It’s this pathetic era we’re in where people are like, “I’m done with them, I need a new sound; I’m a baby, I need something every five minutes.” A lot of people listening to music now don’t listen to the songs at all. They just go, “Good tones…” and that’s it. But we’re obsessed with songs. Sometimes, I feel like people aren’t listening to our songs, they’re just listening to the sound.”

— Beach House’s Alex Scally

(via Pitchfork)

The amazing Beach House plays Marfa, April 21, at the Crowley Theater. Tickets on sale Friday, December 14, at 10 AM CST.