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Peaking Lights mix tapes

12 Jul 2012

Peaking Lights, courtesy of Facebook

Hipped to this by old Chinati intern and friend Jack Murphy: these five Peaking Lights mix tapes, which you can download over at Gorilla vs. Bear. Listening to Lucifer #5 right now. (Also you can stream John Maus’s soon-to-be-released A Collection of Rarities… over at GVB, too.) –NI

p.s. So super late to everything, what has happened to me, but I’m listening to Gorilla vs. Bear’s Best of 2011, and let’s be honest, it’s quite good. I mean, Run DMT, yes. And ALSO! They favorited Grouper‘s “Moving Machine,” which she recorded for us during her residency. Get to know me, about 15 months behind the curve.