Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Roy Ferdinand on Triple Canopy

13 May 2011

ROY G. FERDINAND, Mrs. Mossberg, 2002

Mrs. Mossberg, 2002
Mixed media on paper
30 1/16 x 22 inches
Courtesy of the William Fagaly Collection
Photography © Fredrik Nilsen

“Rembrandt was Rembrandt, Picasso was Picasso, Kandinsky was Kandinsky, and Ferdinand is Ferdinand.”
— Roy Ferdinand

A lot of people have asked us about Roy Ferdinand, the artist currently featured in the Ballroom hallway as part of The World According to New Orleans. Triple Canopy has an awesome article about his life and art, “Way of the Righteous: The Art of Roy Ferdinand,” by Martina Batan, as told to Alexander Provan and Peter J. Russo. Batan also mentions Bruce Davenport, Jr. and his drawings of marching bands, and their similarity to Ferdinand’s work, which are also featured in The World According to New Orleans.