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Science on the back end, or: What you’ll be doing tomorrow night

30 Apr 2012

Lake — Erin Shirreff, 2012 Colour video, silent

Lake — Erin Shirreff, 2012 Colour video, silent

Board member, artist and awesome guy Matthew Day Jackson just curated a show, Science on the Back End, that opens tomorrow, May 1, at Hauser & Wirth in New York. As Matt says in his curator’s statement (written “from a hotel in Frankfurt unable to sleep”):

I am not a curator. I merely selected the five artists for this exhibition and left to them the decision of which artworks to present. These artists inspire me. Their artistic reality is full, expansive, and not contingent on the studio environment. … I neither suggested nor requested specific works for the show. My interest lies instead in the larger creative impulse that the six of us share and the way in which each one of us processes and reorders our life experience into formal strategies, according to our personal priorities. I believe those formal strategies develop as we systematically gain knowledge through the experience of life every day, and they become a language we use to communicate with each other and the larger world.

The lineup includes five of our personal favorites (and almost all Marfa alums): Larry Bamburg, Marc Ganzglass, Rosy Keyser, Erin Shirreff, and Nick van Woert. Don’t miss it. Tomorrow night, May 1, from 6 to 8 pm. Show runs until June 16. –nicki