Ballroom Marfa Art Fund


Sebastian Ensemble portrait

7 Jan 2013

The Sebastian Ensemble by Alex Marks

We were so lucky and honored to have the Sebastian Ensemble play for us Saturday on their way to El Paso for their performance at the El Paso Museum of Art. The trio — based all over the country (Mississippi, New Mexico, New York) — played a 70-minute set in our north gallery, showcasing Barqoue chamber music from 1600-1800. They play on actual instruments, or replicas of instruments, from the 18th century, and their approach to performing is meant to transport them, and their audience, to that time. Lovely. (The harpsichord is hiding in the background, but wow! What an instrument.)

Special thanks to the trio (Stephen Redfield, Susan Patrick and Katie Reitman) for their graciousness, good spirits and incredible performance, as well as Lesley Brown, Hilary duPont & Rosa McElheny, Roseland Klein, Marfa Public Radio, Tom Michael, and the Thunderbird Hotel.

Portrait of the Sebastian Ensemble by Alex Marks.