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Send us your Prada Marfa photos

21 Jun 2011



Photos courtesy of Hunter Oatman-Stanford, September 2007.

We just found these old photos from our former gallery manager, Hunter. He was passing through Valentine on the way to White Sands and ended up stopping at Prada Marfa just as a couple of other cars pulled up. Suddenly three more cars stopped to see what the hubbub was, and it became quite a happening. He snapped some photos, which we love, because they capture Prada’s actual place in the world, with real people sideswiped by its sudden bizarre appearance. If you have photos of your own experience with Prada Marfa, please send them to us — we’re collecting them for our web site to reveal another layer of (real people) experience with the installation.

Update: We’ve received so many amazing submissions; keep them coming! See the photos here.