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Thanks to Explosions in the Sky (and the Polaroid Project continues)

19 Sep 2011


Explosions in the Sky, 15 September 2011. Photo by Alex Marks, the latest in our Polaroid series.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the Explosions in the Sky/Twin Sister show last Thursday. Due to rain, we had to move the event to the Capri, which ended up working beautifully (and the rain stayed away till the very very end of the night) (making load-out a soggy affair, but not as soggy as it would’ve been at Vizcaino Park). Special thanks to everyone who made it all work so last minute: all the guys in Explosions in the Sky; their sound guy Jeff Byrd; Twin Sister; our music-and-lights wonder team of Rob Crowley, Gory Smelley, Chris Hillen, and Ross Cashiola; chef Rocky Barnette; Chrissie Saenz; Robert Lara; and the Thunderbird Hotel. And thanks to all the folks who came out from El Paso, Midland, Presidio, Austin, and beyond — was truly amazing.

Check out more pictures of the show here. And if you have any that you’d like to share, send them to [email protected], and we’ll post a few to our site.

(Stay tuned: next week we have Mick Barr and Mariachi Las Alteñas playing at the opening of AutoBody, which should be pretty killer, too.)